Living History Resources

Resources for the 18th Century Reenactor

A resource of Internet information for Living History                               of 18th Century America

This is a collection of websites that will assist the 18th Century Reenactor research this period in history and assist in creating a living history persona. Information will assist both the military and civilian reenactor.


18th Century Authors
Biographies and works of British Authors

 American Journeys
Eyewitness accounts of early American exploration

 American Memory
Extensive resources of historical documents - search the collections

Avalon Project
Massive resource of documents

Camps and Firesides of the American Revolution
E-text Book reprint - Eyewitness accounts

George Washington Papers
Complete original papers of George Washington (actual images)

Journal of an Officer in the 3rd NY Continental Line

Martha Ballard's Diary
Diary starting in 1785

Papers of John Adams
Diary, Autobiography and more

Proceedings of the Old Bailey - London
Criminal Court Proceedings in London 1674-1834

Project Gutenberg
Source Page for Etexts of many books

Rev War 1775
Articles & First Person Accounts, plus indexed listings of Orderly Books

Simcoe's Journal
Journal of a British Ranger 1777

Virginia Runaways

Accounts of slave runaways - good source of descriptions of clothing, etc.

Walpole Library
Collection of digitized prints

Writings of George Washington

Writings of Mercy Otis Warren
3 Vols. on the American Revolution plus Plays, etc.

More Writings of George Washington
Collection of letters, etc.

D. Petre Medicinals
Medicinal recipes for healing

Library of Southern Campaign of the Rev War
Extensive library of documents, books, and diaries and texts - this site has valuable resources for all aspects of the Rev War

The English Duty...
English Arm Military Drum Calls

Diary of a 12 year old girl
1771-1773 Daily routines and life




Maryland Gazette
18th century newspaper - pdf scans of the original issues

Past Portals
Archive of the Virginia Gazette - 18th Century Newspaper

Rivington Gazetteer
18th Century newspaper from NY (Excellent for reproduction)





E-books on the American Revolution
Texts and contemporary writings

18th Century Texts
Scanned texts - from 15th century and on

Colonial Classics
Essays and Articles about Colonial Life

Women of the Revolution
Texts and Anecdotal Reports on women

Lossing's Pictorial Field Book of the American Revolution
1850 authorative text on the American Revolution in Two Volumes.





Making Women's Clothing
Articles and patterns on making women's 18th Century clothing

Dressing the 18th Century Lady
What a woman wears.

Making a Lady's Shift
Instructions and Pattern

Making Covered Buttons
Instructions and Illustrations

Hand-sewn Eyelets

Connecticut Historical Society Costume and Textile Collection
Photos and descriptions of men's and women's clothing

Half Gaiters
Pattern and Instructions

Men's Civilian Clothes


Pattern and Instructions





Developing a Persona and other good stuff

Beginning Living History
A lot of good information for getting started

Many resources may be found on the various pages

Ned Hector - Portrayal of a Free Black Artillaryman
A reenactor's portrayal - good information on how it is done





Resource on 18th C. dance

Dance Manuals including 18th Century

18th Century Games
Games for the Rev War Reenactor

Broadside Ballads at the Bodelien Library
18th Century culture through Broadside ballads

18th Century Gentlemen
A collection for the gentry

I8th Century Prints
A collection of prints - view social situations and manner of clothing





How much was that Worth?
Money converter for 18th Century British Currency to modern

Colonial Currency
Images of colonial currency





Print with your computer in 18th Century typeface with long s and ligatures






Cookbook 1705



 Robert Ambrose
Colonial Reenactor
Member of the BAR and the Ancient and Honorable Huntington Militia

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